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You Can Book Skintight Samba on 07799 578320


If you’ve ever watched a Samba Band pounding out infectious South American rhythms and wondered if you could do that too, the answer is yes, if you would like to try playing Samba music or fancy joining the Skintight Samba Band, be sure to call us on one of the numbers at the top of the page or email Howard.


Skintight are based in Wellington and are the longest-established Samba Band in the area. We regularly perform our own take on Brazilian music at festivals and carnivals (most recently Porlock and Wellington) and you might have caught us at Dunster by Candlelight, Somerfest and innumerable weddings and parties –  including one at the House of Commons.  


Skintight’s leader, Howard Harrison, thinks Samba drumming is one of the greatest community musics. “There are easy parts and harder parts so everyone can participate almost immediately and can progress at their own speed. Players connect with the music very easily because it’s full of great rhythms that we’ve been hearing all our lives, and it is learned by ear in a very natural way so you don’t need to read music or have any prior experience of drumming at all”.



Skintight Samba


is a 16 piece Samba Band based in Somerset. We play classic Brazilian grooves and other rhythms adapted or created for Samba instruments.

And in case you’re wondering, the Skintight refers to the Drum Skins – nothing to do with what we wear!

Your can book us for your celebrations, weddings or corporate events, or we would love  to introduce you to Samba drumming through workshops & courses.

We make a point of bringing plenty of instruments so that our audience can jam along (some of the time . . .)

We are currently looking for new members and you are welcome to come along and try a few instruments to see what you have a natural flair for!

The Baptist Church Hall, South St, Wellingon Somerset from 7.00pm until 9.00pm every Tuesday, please contact Lisa first if you’d like to come along – there are no age barriers and all abilities are welcome to try out.